6 Best-Selling Materials That Are Used for Blowout Paper

Where can I get Blowout Paper?

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What is Blowout Paper?

Blowout paper is essential when doing Sublimation Printing. By definition blowout paper is simply paper that is used to catch any stray dyes and is only used once. Yes, it does sound wasteful, but you can save the used paper for kids to draw on. Or even use it to ship breakable items cutting down on the cost of shipping your products. Today we are going to talk about “blowout paper”, where you can purchase it and the different types of materials you can use.

Blow out paper must be:

  • Clean and unused paper
  • Uncoated paper to protect your substrate and your heat press.
  • Able to withstand 400 degrees
  • Able to attract moisture from your substrate (item you are sublimating on)
what does blowout paper do

What does Blowout Paper do?

Simply stated it just keeps everything “clean”! It protects your substrate as well as your heat press. Which in turn allows you to create perfect Sublimation Prints now matter what you are working on.

Where can I get Blowout Paper?

My favorite is my local newspaper office because they will sell you their end of the rolls for just a few dollars. It lasts for forever and works great as blowout paper. However, be careful because sometimes it is a little “linty” but I’ve only had one roll like that.

Butcher Paper is a very common paper and can be picked up at these retailers.

Sam’s Club




And virtually most any other box retailer. Plus using this paper you will also help with “ghosting” on your substrates. I also love that it covers the entire project and isn’t small like copy paper.

Other types of Blowout paper include:

Butcher Paper– Must be white and unwaxed. It is great to use on top of your substrate as well as in between layers of shirts, pillowcases. etc.

Craft Paper – is like a second cousin to Butcher paper and isn’t as thick.

Packing Paper you can pick up at your local box stores or U-haul in a pinch. But U-haul will be more expensive than say Wal-Mart for example.

Brown butcher paper can be used in a pinch but NOT on white.

Cheap printer paper (but it will take more than one sheet depending on the size of your project. It is also called Copy Paper and Bond Paper in some cases.

The paper helps take the moisture out of garments that you are pressing. It is meant to be used only once. And it keeps your press platen free of ink!


Put a sheet of white paper (even just copy paper) between the two layers, especially on white so it doesn’t bleed through to the back.

Things You Can’t Use for Sublimation and Blow Out Paper

Do NOT USE Teflon paper as blowout paper because it will hold moisture.

Parchment Paper because it is embedded with silicone so it repels not absorbs blow out.

What Is Blowout Paper And Where Do I Get It?

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