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Contact Creative Dye if you have any questions, comments or concerns! Our emails address is

Creative Dye is an advertiser and PR friendly.

I have several options available to promote your company via social media and other options. Some of the options include sponsored posts, reviews/giveaways, advertising space, and of course social media promotion.

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Banner/Text Ads

These advertisements are sold in monthly blocks and priced accordingly. Please contact me for more details if you are interested in Banner/Text Ads. 125×125 is the most common size but if you would like something bigger I am sure we can work something out.

Advertising guidelines

Before ads are published they will be reviewed to ensure they are family-friendly and meet my standards. Ads need to look professional and be grammatically correct and ready to publish unless it is done by me and then I will take the proper steps to ensure that happens as well.

No spam posts or they will be removed from my website and you will be notified that I did so with no refunds given if I remove your ad due to spam.
One month ads will run where placed and can be renewed each month. If your spot is not renewed your location will then be used by another business owner.

All reviews, giveaways, promotions, and advertising adhere to the FTC guidelines for disclosure.

Sponsorships for Conferences

What you get with sponsorship:

I have lots of packages at different price points to help accommodate your budget. Let’s visit and find the one that works best for our partnership!

Feel free to email me at

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